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Lehrveranstaltungen Wintersemester 2017-2018

Seminar und Lektürekurs (zus. mit Máté Herner )

Mind and Soul in Platonism

Do. 12:00 bis 14:00 c.t. woch 19.10.2017 bis 08.02.2018 Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1 (A) - A U117

 In our course we will introduce the students to Plato's theory of soul and mind, and a selection of its discussions in the Platonic tradition. Our focus will be on Aristotle's criticism and adaptation of Plato's views on the one hand, and Plotinus’ critical assessment of the two authorities on the other. In our final session, we are going to glimpse into two different perspectives on the topic: the views of Plotinus' older contemporary, the physician Galen, and of the 4th century Christian philosopher, Nemesius of Edessa.

Topics will include the relationship between life functions and mental functions (e.g. sensation, emotion, knowledge), the role of the body in these functions, and the parts of the soul, in particular the different notions of determination, connection, and separation between the parts of the soul, as well as the body and the soul itself.

The course is introductory, no prior knowledge of the authors will be pre-supposed.

Muss irgendwann zwischen dem 29.09. und dem 10.10.2017 über das LSF-System priorisiert belegt werden.