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Animals: A History (Oxford Philosphical Concepts)


Introduction, Peter Adamson

Chapter 1. Aristotle on Animals Devin Henry
Chapter 2. Reincarnation, Rationality, and Temperance: Platonists on Not Eating Animals G. Fay Edwards
Reflection: Listening to Aesop's Animals Jeremy B. Lefkowitz
Chapter 3. Illuminating Thought: Animals in Classical Indian Thought Amber D. Carpenter
Reflection: The Joy of Fish and Chinese Animal Painting Hou-mei Sung
Chapter 4. Human and Animal Nature in the Philosophy of the Islamic World Peter Adamson
Reflection: Of Rainbow Snakes and Baffling Buffalos: Reflections on a Central African Mask Allen F. Roberts
Chapter 5.Marking the Boundaries: Animals in Medieval Latin Philosophy Juhana Toivanen
Reflection: Animal Intelligence: Examples of the Human-Animal Border in Medieval Literature Sabine Obermaier
Reflection: Subversive Laughter in Reynard the Fox James Simpson
Chapter 6. Animals in the Renaissance: You Eat What you Are Cecilia Muratori
Chapter 7. Animal Souls and Beast Machines: Descartes' Mechanical Biology Deborah J. Brown
Chapter 8. Kant on Animals Patrick Kain
Reflection: The Gaze of the Ape: Gabriel von Max's Affenmalerei and the "Question of All Questions" Cecilia Muratori
Chapter 9. The Emergence of the Drive Concept and the Collapse of the Animal/Human Divide Paul Katsafanas
Chapter 10. Governing Darwin's World Philip Kitcher
Chapter 11. Morgan's Canon: Animal Psychology in the Twentieth Century and Beyond Helen Steward
Chapter 12.The Contemporary Debate in Animal Ethics Robert Garner

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