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Logik und Ontologie bei Khūnajī und dessen Nachfolgern

dfgKhūnajī is known to be the second greatest Arabic logician after Avicenna. In his main logical work, Kašf al-Asrār ʿan Ghawāmiḍ al-Afkār (The Disclosure of Secrets as to the Obscurities of Thoughts), Khūnajī pushed the boundaries of Arabic logic and made a major departure from Avicennan logic by either challenging it or modifying it in numerous points. As a consequence of his innovations, Khūnajī’s logic had a great impact on later Arabic logicians as well. Thus, in this project, we aim to provide a systematic exposition of Khūnajī’s logic and its place in the history of logic in the Islamic world. On the one hand, we will provide a commentary of Khūnajī’s Kašf, and explore the reception of his logic by some of the most important Arabic logicians of the 13the century among whom is Kātibī Ghazwīnī (d. 1276) whose Šamsīya became an important handbook of logic in madrasa. On the other hand, we will also bring Khūnajī’s logic into conversation with modern logic by applying the formal machinery of contemporary logic.


Dr. Behnam Zolghadr