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Jinglin Zhou

Jinglin Zhou

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Dissertation Project

No matter what sort of things evaluative facts are, our holding certain evaluative judgements is, first and foremost, a social phenomenon. So far as the fact is a social phenomenon that we hold certain evaluative judgements as we actually hold, there must be causal explanation of how this fact came about. In other words, we’re able to give a sociological genealogy of our evaluative judgements, especially to account for the variations of moral attitudes. Recently, this task has attracted an increasing amount of work in social sciences including sociology, anthropology and social psychology. Scholars of various social sciences also study the typology of moral attitudes and their functions in human societies. How can research of this sort contribute to meta-ethics? My project intends to bring their insights to our understanding of the evaluative, particularly that of morality.

Currently, I focus on the evolutionary debunking arguments put forward by philosophers, such as Sharon Street, Richard Joyce and Philip Kitcher. I examine whether they’ve succeeded in refuting moral realism. If not, whether social sciences’ study of moral variation is able to continue the debunkers’ job and put moral realism into a trickier position.


Academic Background 

Conference Papers:

  • How Does Habermas Answer the Normative Question?. Annual Conference of Taiwan Philosophical Association, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Nov. 2018
  • Can the Belief be Regarded as a Universal Truth that “Democracy is the Only Legitimate Form of Government”?. Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Political Science, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Oct. 2018
  • Absolutism or Relativism: A Criticism of MacIntyre’s Account of Moral Foundation. Annual Conference of Taiwan Philosophical Association, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Nov. 2017

Research Experience and Other Service:

Research Assistant of Prof. 張其賢 in Chinese Philosophy, Feb. 2017 – April 2017, Sept. 2018 – Sept. 2019
Executive Assistant, April 2017 – July 2017
Research Assistant of Prof. 孫善豪 in Marxism, Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2017
Summer School:
Wuhan University - The University of Arizona: The Frontier of Contemporary Political Philosophy, Wuhan, Aug. 2018


PhD student, University of Munich, Germany, Sept. 2019
Exchange Student, KU Leuven, Belgium, Sept. 2017
Master of Arts in Political Science, National Chengchi University, Taiwan (China), Sept. 2016
Bachelor of Laws in Political Science, Jilin University, China, Sept. 2012