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Alexander Edlich

Alexander Edlich



I have studied philosophy as well as physics at LMU and the University of Oxford before becoming a doctoral student at Monika Betzler's chair in 2018. I have a general interest in ethical and metaethical issues as well as moral psychology. I currently work on three projects on empathy, vicarious agency (with Jonas Vandieken), and the standing to blame. My dissertation project focusses on forward-looking responsibility and what it means to act responsibly. Feel free to get in touch!


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Title: "Forward-Looking Responsibility and Responsible Agency"

Talk of being a responsible person, acting (ir)responsibly, or having a responsibility to do something or to look after something are common in everyday moral talk. They are less common in philosophical ethics where what we ought to do and who we ought to be is more commonly described in terms of duties and virtues. My dissertation wants to examine responsibility-talk and discuss its relation to more common moral concepts. Its working hypotheses are that having a responsibility and acting responsibly describe a part of our moral agency not straightforwardly reducible to duties and their performance, and that there is a characteristic attitude that I call "taking responsibility for something" that can explain what is specific about responsible agency. The project thus operates in the borderland of ethical theory and moral psychology and specifically also targets some diachronic aspects of moral agency.