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Hayali, Meisa

Meisa Hayali

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In my dissertation I am trying to have an in-depth analysis of the concept and a critical discussion of the reach and limits of care ethics as a moral theory. Considering “Sentiment” as the most important feature in moral decisions, Care Ethics rejected the traditional Kantian rationalism in ethics and designed a theory based on moral sentimentalism using lots of arguments made by sentiment defender philosophers in history of philosophy, especially Hume and Hoffman’s. In this theory, the moral agent uses sentiment to understand the moral situation. This understanding raises the feel of empathy toward others who are related to that situation, especially the person who is being harmed. If the moral agent wants to behave ethically, should take an action against the harming that is happening and tries to be caring about the person who is in harm; lessen her pain or at least share feelings with her.


2018: Research Assistant at the Chair of Practical Philosophy at LMU

2017: Start of PhD dissertation supervised by Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler

2016: English Listening and Speaking Teacher at Zabane Aval Institute, Tehran, Iran

2014: Abortion in the view of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, An article published on www.dinonline.com

2015: Internal manager of Tehran Math house,Tehran, Iran

2012-2014: School moderator in Soodeh educational complex, Theran, Iran

2010-2013: Master’s degree philosophy, ethics, Qom University, Iran. Master thesis: Abortion in the view of care ethics.

2011-2012: Internal manager in professional ethics library and Editor and translator at Qom University publishing at Qom University.

2005-2009: Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Tehran University, Iran