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apl. Prof. Dr. Martin Rechenauer


My research interests concern mainly foundational issues in practical philosophy: theories of justice, contractualist justification procedures, all branches of the theory of rational choice (decision theory, game theory and social choice theory) in general and in their application to questions of practical philosophy. Other central research interests adress conceptions of collective intentionality. Besides, I am very interested in philosophy of probability, questions of formal epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of economics. Historically, I focus on the tradition of social contract theory.

I am assistant editor of the Theory and Decision Library Series A at Springer publishers, have organized a DAAD-funded cooperation of the Munich Lehrstuhl IV with Prof. Raimo Tuomela and his research group at Helsinki, and worked as Co-Organizer for the 6th Decision Games and Logic workshop at MCMP in summer 2012.


Ludwigstraße 31 Rgb,
Lehrstuhl für Philosophie IV (Prof. Nida-Rümelin)

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Lehrveranstaltungen vergangener Semester

  • Hauptseminar (zus. mit Christine Bratu, M.A.): Unparteilichkeit (Blockseminar)
  • Wintersemester 2008/09: Moderne Gerechtigkeitstheorien I (VL)
  • Wintersemester 2009/09: Überzeugungen als Wünsche, Wünsche als Überzeugungen? (HS)


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