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Colloquium in Social and Political Philosophy

Winter Semester 2022/2023

Unless otherwise stated, the Colloquium takes place on Fridays, from 2pm (sharp) to 3.30pm, in Room M210 (ZEPP Seminar Room), University Main Building.

The Colloquium is meant primarily for faculty, doctoral candidates, and postdocs. Students are also very welcome to attend, provided they express their interest in advance by emailing office.valentini@lrz.uni-muenchen.de

  • October 21
    Daniel Sharp (LMU)
    The Political Morality of Migration Blackmail
  • October 28
    Nicholas Vrousalis (Rotterdam)
    Kant's Political Philosophy of Work
  • November 4
    Michael Rosen (Harvard)
    Autonomy and Alienation (note, this is a pre-read session, the paper will be circulated one week prior to the event)
  • November 11
    Matthias Brinkmann (LMU)
    What, if anything, is wrong with inflation?
  • November 18
    No Colloquium – workshop on Moral Theory and Future Generations
  • November 25
    Christine Straehle (Hamburg)
    Between global justice and differentiated rights - Migrant workers, Relational Equality, and the Welfare State
  • November 29
    Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen (Lund)
    joint event with the Ethics Chair, **Tuesday, 4-6pm**
  • December 9
    Bernardo Zacka (MIT)
    What should a welfare office look like? Danish Jobcentres and the design of the unhomely home
    **via zoom**
  • December 16
    Jonas Vandieken (LMU)
    Relational Morality, Directed Obligations, and Third Parties
  • January 13
    Thomas Fossen (Leiden)
  • January 20
    Jessica Fischer (LMU)
  • January 24
    David Enoch (Hebrew University)
    joint with the Ethics Chair, **Tuesday, 4-6pm**
  • February 3
    Vanessa Carr (LMU)
  • February 10
    Daniela Dover (Oxford)