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Colloquium in Social and Political Philosophy

Summer Semester 2022

Unless otherwise stated, the Colloquium takes place on Fridays, from 2pm (sharp) to 3.30pm, in Room M210 (ZEPP Seminar Room), University Main Building.

The Colloquium is meant primarily for faculty, doctoral candidates, and postdocs. Students are also very welcome to attend, provided they express their interest in advance by emailing office.valentini@lrz.uni-muenchen.de

  • April 29
    Dorothea Gaedeke (Groningen)
    Freedom between Law and Politics. Republicanism, Constitutional Theory and Social Conflict.
  • May 6
    Adriano Mannino (LMU)
    When Is It Permissible to Offset Social Harm, and May We Save the Climate via Offsetting? **ZOOM**
  • May 13
    Erich Hatala Matthes (Wellesley College)
    Representation and Misrepresentation in Art **ZOOM**
  • May 17
    Han van Wietmarschen (UCL)
    Social Hierarchy and Moral Equality
    joint event with the Ethics Chair; takes place on a Tuesday, from 4.15 to 5.45pm (room M210)
  • May 27
    Felix Lambrecht (Toronto)
    The Structure of Reparative Justice: The Timing Challenge and how to Overcome It
  • June 3
    Avia Pasternak (UCL)
    Violent Protests and the Proportionality of Harm to Civilians **ZOOM**
  • June 10
    Daniel Sharp (LMU)
    An Egalitarian Defense of the Right to Emigrate **ZOOM**
  • June 17
    Felix Pinkert (Vienna)
    Going beyond Affordable Housing:
    Republican Freedom and the Case for Ethically Designed Rental Accommodation Markets
  • June 24
    Lea Ypi (LSE)
    Kant, the Racist? **ZOOM**
  • July 1
    Rasa Davidaviciute (LMU)
    title tbc **takes place in room 211, 73 Amalienstrasse**
  • July 5
    Ashwini Vasantakumar (Queen’s University/Berlin)
    Repairing Self-respect
    joint event with the Ethics Chair; takes place on a Tuesday, from 4.15 to 5.45pm (room M210)
  • July 15
    Rachel Fraser (Oxford)
    The Limits of Ideology Critique
  • July 22
    Martin Rechenauer (LMU) 
    Wilderness versus Kulturlandschaft - what should we seek to preserve?
    Some thoughts on ethical aspects of conservation biology