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Practical Syllogism (= Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 11), Paderborn: Mentis 2008, 91-228. (guest editor together with Philipp Brüllmann).

In this volume, we have placed three essays concerning the history of philosophy in general before the thematic focus. These general essays comprise a new discussion of scepticism, an analysis of logical atomism, and a discussion of the concept of number. The thematic focus concerning the practical syllogism was organized by our colleague Christof Rapp, Berlin. For this, we would like to thank him and his assistant, Philipp Brüllmann. They have succeeded in putting together an impressive sequence of interlocking essays about a perennially important topic from ancient philosophy. Although originally presented as contributions to a conference, all articles were submitted to the usual refereeing process.
With contributions on the practical syllogism by Klaus Corcilius, Paula Gottlieb, Jean-Baptiste Gourinat, Pierre Marie Morel, Anselm Müller, Anthony W. Price, Christof Rapp/Philipp Brüllmann.

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