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Lehrveranstaltungen Sommersemester 2017

Fortgeschrittenenseminar und Essaykurs

Aristotle On Generation and Corruption

Do. 10:00 bis 12:00 c.t. woch 27.04.2017 bis 27.07.2017 Geschw.-Scholl-Pl. 1 (E) - E 206

 In this course, held in English, we will read Aristotle's work "On Generation and Corruption". This work deals primarily with the nature and behavior of the four "elements", the basic substances of the Aristotelian universe. Topics addressed include the distinction between generation and alteration, the eternity of generation and elemental change, the "matter" of the elements, the nature of mixture and affection. Some persistent controversies in scholarship on Aristotle which might be illuminated by this text include the debate about whether Aristotle endorsed a conception of prime matter, and if so, what this is, and how the elements fit in to Aristotle's teleological perspective. Throughout the course we will orient ourselves by reading recent secondary literature (roughly one article per week), which will be made available.

We will use as a basis the translation by C.J.F. Williams (Oxford). However, students may also want to have the translations by Th. Buchheim in German (Meiner) and H.H. Joachim (Oxford). Our primary Greek text (for those participating in the Übung) will be that found in Marwan Rashed, Aristote. De la géneration et la corruption. Nouvelle édition. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2005, but those in possession of the edition by Joachim can use it.

In the attached Übung, students will have the opportunity to look at central passages in the original Greek.

Participants are also expected to undertake one presentation of a piece of secondary literature.

Knowledge of ancient Greek is not required for the seminar, but it is of course advantageous.

if the course is taken as "Essay course" than: 4 essays [9 ECTS-points] - only for Philosophy Bachelor (major) and Philosophy Master students.
if the course is taken as "Advanced seminar" than: term paper (Hausarbeit) of about 15-20 pages [9 ECTS-points]

Anmeldung: By 18.4.2017 at A.Anagnostopoulos@lmu.de

Übung zu "Aristotle On Generation and Corruption"

Do. 12:00 bis 14:00 c.t. woch 27.04.2017 bis 27.07.2017 Ludwigstr. 28, RG - 503

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