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Ontology in German Idealism (Juli 2013)

The Society „Conceptions of Reason“ located at the Chair of Theoretical Philosophy (Prof. Dr. Axel Hutter) hosted the workshop „Ontology in German Idealism“.

Speakers and Papers:

  • Omri Boehm (New York): The PSR, the Ontological Argument and the Is-Ought Distinction
  • Paniel Cárdenas (Sheffield): Hegel's Doctrine of the Concrete Universal Revisited
  • Marcela García (Mexiko City/Munich): The Late Schelling's Conception of Being
  • Franz Knappik (Berlin): Necessity in Hegel
  • Christian Martin (Munich): Being is Judgment
  • Sebastian Ostritsch (Bonn): The Unification of Ontology and Epistemology in German Idealism