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Munich Lectures by Peter Hacker, Oxford (April 2015)

In spring 2015 the Chair of Theoretical Philosophy (ThPhil) and the Munich Centre for Neurosciences (MCN) invited Peter Hacker (Oxford) to deliver his Munich Lectures on the topic “Wittgenstein, Philosophy and Neuroscience”.

Lectures and Workshops:

  • Monday, 27th of April
    Public Lecture
    “Philosophy and Scientism – What cognitive neuroscience can, and what it cannot, explain”
  • Tuesday, 28th of April
    Workshop Philosophy and Neuroscience
    “The neural antecedents to voluntary action: A conceptual analysis”
  • Wednesday, 29th of April
    Public Lecture: Dialogue
    “Can different people have the same pain? A philosophical entertainment”
  • Thursday, 30th of April
    Wittgenstein Lecture and Workshop
    “Metaphysics: from ineffability to normativity”