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Aims and Subjects of the Master in Ancient Philosophy

The new Master’s degree in Ancient Philosophy (Masterstudiengang “Antike Philosophie”) offers a chance to learn from leading scholars and to develop an individual research project. This MA is offered by LMU Munich, one of the most eminent universities in Europe, well-known for its strengths in philosophy in general and the study of ancient philosophy in particular.

The degree features rigorous courses devoted to both the philological and philosophical aspects of texts from the ancient tradition. The faculty at the LMU offer expertise on a wide historical range of topics in ancient thought – from the Presocratics through the Hellenistic period and Late Antiquity – and on the medieval, modern and contemporary reception of classical philosophy. Students may choose from a range of seminars and colloquia, some of which are team-taught by faculty members. Courses are offered in both German and English. Courses at MA level will also introduce students to themes from the current research of faculty.


Particular emphasis is placed on the MA thesis, written by students under the intensive guidance of members of the faculty over a period of one year. As students work towards the successful completion of the thesis (beginning with an overview of the existing research), they will attend a Master’s Colloquium along with fellow students and faculty mentors. This gives students a chance to present their work and engage in discussion with other participants. Each student will, in addition to working with a faculty advisor on the thesis, benefit from a mentoring scheme throughout their time at the LMU.

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