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Advice for Doctoral Candidates from Abroad

Students who wish to write their dissertation under Professor Thomas Buchheim’s supervision are requested to settle the following questions before contacting Professor Buchheim:

I. Have you graduated from college?

II. Have you written a master’s thesis?

III. Do you have sufficient language ability in German? If not, are you

willing to acquire it soon?

IV. Do you have a financing plan for the time of the dissertation?

V. Do you have a written synopsis of the dissertation? The synopsis

(research project) should contain the topic of your thesis, a time table,

a list of primary and secondary sources.

VI. Do you have a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers?

Questions (I), (II) and (V) are necessary conditions for the application, the others can be settled individually. The application should address each of the issues in turn. Please attach your curriculum vitae to your letter of application.

For your orientation: Roadmap to the philosophical dissertation (PDF, 80 KB)


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