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Anita Keshmirian, M.Sc.

Anita Keshmirian, M.Sc.

PhD Student, Research Assistant

Short Biography:

Anita has a bachelor degree in computer (software) engineering, and a master's degree (M.A) in cognitive science from Iran. She did her second Master's in neuroscience (double degree, Neurasmus program) in Berlin,Bordeaux and Boston. Her first lab rotation was at Humboldt-Universität, in Dr. Henrik Walter's lab where she worked on the role of introspection, anticipated emotions, and future thinking in self control in an fMRI study of the insular cortex. She did her Master's thesis in Dr. Alex Zenon lab at Bordeaux University on a project related to mutual information-based neuroimaging investigation of perceptual decision making. She also did another lab rotation at Harvard University in Fiery Cushman's lab where she worked on her project related to interaction of intention and consequence in group moral decisions. Currently she is doing her PhD at the graduate school of systemic neuroscience (GSN) at LMU in Munich.

Research Interests:

Neuroscience and computational models of: Group decision making / Decision making under randomness and uncertainty / Sense of agency and control/ Perceptual decision making/ Meta-cognition / Crowd cognition/ Distributed cognition / Embodied cognition and en-action / (Bounded) rationality and Moral responsibility.

Methods: fMRI, Behavioural economics, computational modelling, online data acquisition

Current Projects:

Brain correlates and computational models of diffusion of responsibility in groups and multiple-agent systems

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Recent Publications:

Li Li, Shiro Kumano, Anita Keshmirian, Bahador Bahrami, Jian Li and Nicholas D. Wright, "Parsing cultural impacts on regret and risk in Iran, China and the United Kingdom", Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, 13862, 2018.

Recent Talks:

8/2017 Brown University, USA - Sloman Lab - Group moral transgression and punishment