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VIU-Seminar zu „The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence“ im Oktober 2018 – Bewerbungsfrist bis zum 14. September

Für das Seminar „The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence“ vom 15.-19.10. an der Venice International University beginnt nun der Bewerbungszeitraum. Dieser endet am 14.9.


Internationale Seminarbeschreibung:

The course will provide an overview of the ethical fields related to Artificial Intelligence
(AI), viz. Roboethics, Machine ethics, and Information ethics. After this conceptual clarification, the course will zoom in on Machine ethics by focusing on the following two questions:
(a) Can we warrant reason-based moral agency to AI systems, and if so to what extent?
(b) Presupposed we assign moral status to certain AI systems, how should we treat issues of moral responsibility?
There are two arguments against ascribing moral status to intelligent machines: (i) a principled argument drawing on reason-based accounts of moral agency and (ii) a contingent argument resting on the gap of how to assign responsibility. We will review possible forms of machine learning (unsupervised, supervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement) and we discuss the implementations of these machine learning forms to the problem of engineering moral machines. We will discuss whether we should use human moral theories for machines or whether we should rather build a separate moral theory for machines. We will discuss two different strategies for engineering moral machines: (1) bottom-up and (2) topdown.
We will close the course by discussing how, if at all, we know that a machine is moral.

In order to sign up for this seminar, please write a short letter of intent (no more than 350 words) stating why you are interested in the topic of Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and whether you are already familiar with it. Please send your letter to Fiorella.Battaglia@lrz.uni-muenchen.de before 14.09.2018. Participation is conditional on acceptance. We expect to be able to select up to 20 students for which travel expenses and accommodation will be covered.